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Health Care Providers

Vesterbrook Farm strives to aid individuals and families in the healing process by providing healthy foods that nourish the body as much as possible. Historically, partnering with health care providers, such as you and your team, has been one of the things that we do best.  

Proper health care, exercise, and healthy food -- fresh, nutrient-dense & chemical-free -- are crucial to overall wellness.  You, your patients, and your staff have busy schedules that often make sourcing these foods a challenge.  

Vesterbrook Farm understands this challenge and provides a convenient solution. We seek to work alongside you by providing weekly delivery of organic foods to your office or home. Having our products conveniently delivered to your office tremendously adds to the value of your practice.  Also, if your office becomes a Vesterbrook Farm pickup site, this will provide strategic exposure of your practice to possible new patients.  

Vesterbrook Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown farm that produces vegetables, fruits, herbs, raw honey, eggs and meats.  Everything we deliver meets or exceeds the USDA Organic standards.  

Discounts and free Farm Shares are available for you, your patients, and staff. Please contact us for specifics.      

Farm Share InformationAugust 15th, 2017

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